What Makes The Best Combat Boots?

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I should imagine that the best combat boots ever made were made for the US army.
I can't imagine how much wear and tear that army boots go through, even on a training exercise.
Perhaps you could buy them at an army surplus stores, I'm not too sure.
The best combat boots as far as I am concerned have to be made from all weather leather.
They can get soaking wet and shrug off all the water and mud, and they would have to clean up pretty easily too.
They wouldn't have laces either if I was buying them, I hate laces as I am always breaking them.
I guess Velcro closures don't look that macho though do they? The best combat boots I ever wore were by Doctor Martens, I really liked the soles on those, they were non-slip and you could stand in anything wearing them - it wouldn't matter, the boots came out looking great and easy to clean too.
There seems to be a bit of a blurred line these days between combat and hiking boots, they look similar but are constructed differently.
I wouldn't hike up a mountain in combat boots, so I just hope nobody's going to war in a pair of hiking boots, they'll be looking for a new pair of boots real fast.
The best combat boots would also have to be light too.
If you have to walk for miles with a 40lb backpack on, having a big heavy pair of boots on would be exhausting.
The best boots would also have to suit the climate you are in, hence the tan colored ones the US Army uses in hot desert situations such as the Middle East.
I should imagine whatever boots the Navy Seals wear would probably be a good indication of the best boots.
If, however, you are not actually in the army or any combat situation and you just wanted to wear a pair of these boots as a fashion statement, the best combat boots for you could come from any number of the big name footwear manufacturers.
The best boots for you would definitely be more of a matter of fashion taste and style than anything else.
If that's you, then you may want to get a beer and spend an hour or two online as there are so many different kinds of boots described as combat boots.
I see all kinds of styles and lengths, from ankle length, to knee length and many have steel toecaps so you can kick a few things around if you're really feel combative.
Colors tend to me mostly black, with the desert boots in a tan, but I did see a few pairs of combat boots in grays and browns as well.
So really, the best combat boots for you could mean any number of things and there are hundreds of places for you to buy the best boots for your needs.

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