How to Become a Successful Network Marketer - 7 Reasons Why You Need an MLM Mentor!

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If you are like most network marketers, you are probably having a hard time building and keeping a down line in your MLM business.
Statistics show that out of all the network marketers out there, only 10% of all people are successful in their network marketing businesses.
So the question is what does it take to be successful in your network marketing business? I would say that like in any field, education and experience is the key.
Maybe you have been led to believe that no experience is necessary.
People go to school to learn how to become successful doctors, counselors, massage therapists and pretty much for any field you can think of.
So why is it that people are tricked into thinking that they can go from having no knowledge of marketing whatsoever to becoming a top earner in the network marketing field in practically one or two years time? It is simply not logical! Most up-lines tell their recruits that all they need to have is a big enough "Why" and a list of 100 friends and family members to approach.
I was told that even the mailman and my doctor were prospects.
Unfortunately these traditional methods will not net you the results that you are looking for in your MLM business.
Your MLM business is not going to flourish just because you told ten friends and signed them up; and they in turn will tell ten more and so on and so on.
Contrary to what most up-lines are telling their recruits, you need to have some skills in sales and marketing.
MLM mentors are becoming a trend nowadays, as more networkers are looking for outside help in order to gain success in their MLM businesses.
MLM mentors are in demand and increasingly growing in number as they are presenting a solution to the epidemic of MLM frustration and failure.
Below are seven reasons why you should definitely consider investing in an MLM mentor.
The right MLM mentor can get you to the top of your compensation plan a lot faster than your average up- line can.
Your MLM mentor will teach you marketing and sales skills which can be applied not only in your MLM business, but in any other business you choose to venture into.
A good MLM mentor can show you how to create multiple streams of income.
Your MLM mentor can teach you the art of earning more while working less.
Your MLM mentor's teachings can be your direct link to financial freedom.
An MLM mentor can give you knowledge that will positively change your life forever.
With the knowledge acquired from your MLM mentor you can help to positively change the lives of your family, friends and so many others.

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