Internet Marketing Success Tip - Starting Over With Smart Goals

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Many people come to internet marketing wanting to make some money or thinking it is something extra they can they can do in their spare time.
Most if not all beginning internet marketers don't have a concrete goal.
What's wrong with not having a goal? Nothing if you are just playing at marketing online, but if you want to create a successful business and a full time income online you're going to have to have a goal.
This doesn't mean you have to start with a huge overwhelming goal, but you've got to have some way to measure your success.
Internet marketing can be kind of demoralizing at times, and lonely at others.
You work alone, at home, and you end up relying on yourself to keep you motivated and moving forward.
This is where a goal comes in.
What kind of goal should I set? It depends completely on you, but here are a few tips for setting S.
Make sure you know the who, what, where and why of setting this goal.
Make sure you can measure when you've succeeded, ask how many or how much.
Recently someone said to me the main goal for them was to "give away one CD a day".
That is very measurable and you'll know when you are accomplishing that goal.
Attainable: Make sure you can actually reach your goal ~ make it a stretch, but don't set your goal so high there's no chance you'll reach it.
You'll most likely get discouraged and quit.
Is it attainable to set a full time income from home as your goal, sure! Realistic: This means you actually believe it is possible to reach the goal you've set yourself.
Setting a goal for a full time income from home may be attainable but you have to be realistic, it's not going to happen in a month ~ set realistic expectations on your goal.
Timely: A goal that is just floating out there really isn't a goal at all.
You need a time limit on your goal, a time frame to know how long you've got to work on this goal.
This will not only give you a deadline, but help motivate you to keep moving forward.
If you realize you've jumped into internet marketing without a goal, it might be time to start over.
You can create goals in any and many areas of your business, your traffic levels, the number of articles you submit, how many CDs you give away, how many RSS subscribers you get, how many products you sell.
There are many ways to go about creating goals, but once you do you will find you have a much more concrete feeling of what you have to do to be successful and that is what can keep you in the game.

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