Guerilla Marketing - What it is and Where It"s At

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Guerilla marketing is a term tossed around with vigor these days.
It has the same eclat as guerrilla warfare.
As the name implies, it is powerful.
You won't find the definition in the layman's dictionary.
You must go to business manuals to get the precise meaning.
It means an unconventional promotion program dependent on time, energy and creativity to grow as opposed to purchased traditional advertising.
Often this approach is one-on-one and interactive and the targets are "hit" in unexpected locations.
The idea is to become the talk of the town (or, with the internet, the globe).
The goal is to turn the volume up to high quickly.
The term originated in Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson.
Some would say he is the man who reinvented the art of promotion.
Levinson advises giving away product freebies, free 'tastings' of beneficial services and anything that will get positive attention.
Levinson's ideas are reiterated by many of the top online gurus today.
For example, relational marketing is Levinson-derived.
The focus is on creativity and building a personal connection with the targeted consumer.
This means conversing or chatting if engaged on the web.
Part of the appeal for this type of approach is that it is so user friendly.
It allows a small, start up entrepreneur to compete with the big guys.
  • The smaller enterprise develops a more personal relationship with their audience than corporate big wigs.
    This status can yield a marked competitive advantage.
    Some would say it levels the playing field.
  • The relationship can only be supported by actually delivering quality, whether goods or services.
    Poor follow through or subpar products or services will quickly break the precious connection that was previously built.
As Levinson puts it: "In order to sell a product or service, a company must establish a relationship with the customer.
It must build trust and support.
It must understand the customer's needs...
and (sic) deliver the promised benefits.
" While performance statistics must be reviewed by every enterprise, this approach emphasizes human psychology.
Therefore, the most important statistic to measure is profitability.
Targeting or 'niching' your focus is another Levinson recommendation.
It is hard to build the needed connection when your net is cast too far and too wide.
Recognize that your best referral source are those who already know you.
Obtain agreement and confirm interest before proceeding with your campaign.
Don't barrage an unfriendly audience with undesired information.
It is just to easy to be clicked away so do whatever it takes to keep interest and motivation up.
'Viral marketing' refers to the application of all of these techniques through social networks.
For the network business owner working on line, it is their main course.
It can be free! For the dedicated internet business owner, the guerrilla marketing approaches can be perpetually re-invented and applied.
All it takes is human ingenuity to ride the internet to success!

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