How do I Use Digital Cameras in the Class Room to Teach Science?

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    • 1). Plan your curriculum and lessons early (for instance, a rough sketch of lessons for the next months) to determine in which lessons you would like to integrate the use of digital cameras.

    • 2). Clear this idea with your department head or the appropriate administrative staff at your school. Write permissions slips for the students to take home to their parents, notifying them of the use of cameras. Because your students are predominately minors, and because it's possible that with cameras in the classroom, your students may be photographed, it's appropriate to let parents know.

    • 3). Communicate clearly defined rules to your students regarding the use of the digital cameras, especially if you have the school funding and resources to provide each student with a camera to use.

    • 4). Take your students on a nature walk after teaching a unit on ecology. Give each student (or groups of students) specific kinds of plants, animals or rocks to identify. Have students capture their assigned item with the camera. The same concept can be applied to any photographable subject and is a creative way to assess your students' retention of knowledge.

    • 5). Use the cameras to show the students an example of the way the eye works. Build upon the students' use of the cameras in the class already, the way it takes in an image and reproduces it. Take an old camera apart in front of the students and ask them to compare the function of the eye and the function of a camera, digital or film.


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