Village Clerk Job Description

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    Skill Requirements

    • Excellent administrative and clerical skills are required for this job. The village clerk must be adept at oral and written communications, record and file maintenance and operating a wide range of office equipment such as computers, copiers, fax machines and calculators. Since her job involves accounting and bookkeeping, acumen in mathematical calculations is required. Customer service and conflict resolution skills are necessary to be a village clerk.

    Job Duties

    • A village clerk is expected to answer inquiries from the public, elected officials and her peers. If she does not have the information readily available, she typically is required to conduct research to find answers. She often prepares agendas for and takes the minutes at village council meetings. She then processes and organizes the information into meeting report packages and distributes them to council members. She is often in charge of paying the village bills and controlling the petty cash funds. Some village clerks collect fees from residents for licenses and permits required by the local government.

    Working Conditions

    • The work environment of a village clerk is normally an office in a building that houses other village employees or departments. The size of the office often depends on the size of the village. The village clerk is expected to dress in professional business attire. She usually works standard business hours and is required to occasionally attend evening village council meetings.

    Educational Requirements

    • A four-year college degree is usually required to be a village clerk. Concentration in business administration or public policy is preferred. Some village clerk jobs require certification from professional organizations.

    Salary and Advancement Opportunities

    • According to, the annual salary range in June 2010 for a village clerk was $26,745 to $45,739. The salary is based on experience, the size of the village and the prevailing economic climate. Advancement into other public servant positions is usually available to village clerks seeking increased salaries and responsibilities.


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