Where to Get More Health Potions in Dragon Age

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    Origin Vendors

    • Each origin story sets the player in a different locale, with different characters. Most feature at least one character who acts as a vendor and often sells health poultices -- potions that restore the health of characters using them -- and ingredients for creating poultices via the Herbalism skill. For the Dalish Elf origin, the vendor is Ilen. For Dwarf Commoners, the vendor is Olinda. For City Elves, the vendor is Alarith. For Dwarf Nobles, the Orzammar Diamond Quarter has several merchants. The Human Noble and Magi origin areas feature no vendors. For Magi, this may be due to mage characters' ability to self-heal with magic. The Human Noble origin area has a large number of healing items to find in chests and barrels. Players can visit Alarith later in the game in the Alienage, where he offers the same wares.


    • After completing your character's origin story, you're taken to Ostagar, where you can find the Ostagar Quartermaster, who sells health poultices and an Herbalism recipe, as well as reagents for creating health poultices. He also has an "Other Goods" option available after the Joining, which allows you to purchase further health poultices.


    • In Lothering, you can purchase poultices from the merchant standing next to the wagon. Barlin, located in Dane's refuge, also sells poultices and Herbalism reagents, or ingredients used to create poultices with the Herbalism skill. These include flasks and Elfroot, as well as various distillation agents used for more advanced poultices.

    Lake Calenhad Docks and Circle Tower

    • At Lake Calenhad Docks, go to the Spoiled Princess and speak to the Innkeeper to purchase poultices and reagents. At the Circle Tower, find the Quartermaster. He's standing near First Enchanter Irving and sells both poultices and some reagents. This vendor is only available during and after the "Broken Circle" quest-line.

    Redcliffe Village and the Village of Haven

    • In Redcliffe Village, Lloyd of Lloyd's Tavern sells poultices, an Herbalism recipe for poultices and some reagents. In the Village of Haven, speak with the Shop Keeper in the Village Shop to purchase some poultices. Remain aware, however, that you only have one chance, since he becomes hostile after you try to enter the back room.

    Dalish Camp

    • At the Dalish Camp in the Brecilian Outskirts, look for Varathorn. He sells several poultices, a poultice recipe and is the only vendor in the game who sells infinite reagents. After you complete three main quests in the game, his inventory expands even further, containing better poultices, as well as the recipe for a higher-level poultice.


    • In the Orzammar Commons, two vendors exist who sell poultices and ingredients. Figor sells health poultices, recipes and reagents, while Faryn simply sells reagents. In Orzammar's Dust Town, Alimar sells some Herbalism reagents.


    • When in the camp screen, the Dwarf merchant Bodahn sells poultices and reagents. Bodahn can also be found at Castle Redcliffe immediately before the "The Battle of Denerim" quest-line begins.

    DLC Vendors

    • There are several vendors from the game's downloadable content (DLC) areas. These include Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak in the "Warden's Keep" DLC, and Bonny Lem at the Denerim Market in the "Leliana's Song" DLC.


    • Herbalism is a skill allowing players to craft health poultices, as well as many other useful potions. The necessary reagents vary based on the level of poultice you're crafting, but always require at least one flask and some Elfroot. Advanced poultices require you to obtain and read a recipe, along with having an Herbalism level sufficient to create them.


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