What Oklahoma Small Business Owners Should Do to Avoid Employee Injury at the Workplace

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Every day, small business owners across the country are faced with several cases of employee injuries. In fact, every day over one dozen workers in the United States die from injuries that are work related, while approximately ten thousand other workers are seriously injured on the job. Therefore, as a business owner, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect your business and your employees from Oklahoma work injuries.

€ Employees have the right to refuse to work in conditions that are unsafe; therefore, as an employer, you need to be respectful of your employees and explore the safety issues that they have described to you. If you do in fact find unsafe conditions, you need to fix them prior to employees returning to the work site, so that you will be able to avoid Oklahoma work injuries.

€ You need to develop a plan that your employees can follow in the event of emergencies. You should ensure that all employees are aware of these procedures, and you should also post them around the work site and put them in the company handbooks.

€ One of the best ways to avoid an Oklahoma job related injury is to establish safety from the beginning. As such, all your new employees should be aware of the safety procedures their first day on the job. The importance of safety should also be emphasized during training.

€ It is imperative that the management team knows and comprehends the importance of adhering to the safety procedures. Workers are more likely to be cautious, if they notice that management is being cautious.

€ Another way in which you can avoid Oklahoma employee injury is by telling your employees that if they are not sure how to safely start a task, they need to leave it alone and contact a superior.

€ Ensure that your employees know that they should report all Oklahoma work injuries (even the minor ones) immediately. In the event that the injuries require treatment, ensure that the employee gets treatment immediately. Delay in treatments may result in minor injuries become major ones.

€ From time to time, you should hold training sessions on safety procedures, in order to remind all your employees of the importance of safety in the workplace. You should also take this time to review current safety procedures, in addition to new information on preventing Oklahoma job related injury. Their terms were staggered at first before moving to six-year terms like before.


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