Mounting Instructions for an Outboard

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    • 1). Match the outboard motor size to the size of your boat. Specifications are always included on a metal information plate attached to the stern. If the plate has been removed, contact your local boating shop for information on your boat and the maximum size of the motor that can be safely used.

    • 2). Locate the exhaust relief valve, or the exhaust pipe as it is known. Before mounting, measure at least one inch of clearance from the waterline to the exhaust pipe.

    • 3). Mount your outboard lower in the water for better steering capability, and higher for greater speed. However, consider that a higher mounted outboard will compromise steering capability, and it will also cause the propeller to "break loose" from the water when pushing a higher overall weight. A propeller that breaks loose severely compromises steering capability and speed.

    • 4). Position the outboard according to the measurement taken, as well as your desired performance. Then tighten down the transom clamps to hold the outboard firmly in place.

    • 5). Attach an outboard motor safety cable, available at any boat or marine shop, so that your outboard can never separate from your boat in the event of an accident, specifically if your motor hits a submerged object like a log or rock.


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