What Are the Causes of Backfire in an Audi?

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    Faulty Sensor Signals

    • One cause of a rich mixture of air and fuel could be errors in signals from your Audi's oxygen or coolant temperature sensors. These signals tell the engine to change the amount of air and fuel flow, resulting in a backfire.

    Clogs in the Monolithic Converter

    • If your Audi's monolithic converter has a clog, it will blow through and result in a backfire. Afterwards, you'll notice a huge jump in your engine's power.

    Damaged Catalytic Converter

    • If the catalytic converter in your Audi is damaged, one of the results could be backfire. Because the converter is designed to remove toxic materials from your Audi's emission system, anything interfering with the converter's diversion of air flow could increase the fuel proportion in the mixture, making it too rich and producing a backfire.


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