A Lesson From Restaurants

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Recently, I went out for lunch with a good mate of mine, Alexi, at the Belgian Beer Cafe In Sydney.
And the place had loads of seats.
And it was absolutely packed - on a weekday.
As Alexi and I were chatting he was telling me how he always came back to this particular restaurant.
And in fact, when he travelled he liked to stay at a hotel close to the Belgian Beer Cafe.
Why? Because they had over 34 different types of beer.
And his particular favourite beer (which was damn good, I might add) was ONLY available from the Belgian Beer Cafe because they made it.
Now that's a damn good example of a USP.
You cannot buy the beer anywhere else.
So if you want it you have to come back...
and more than likely enjoy a nice plate of mussels, and a bit of chocolate mousse while you're at it.
Right now, I am sitting at a cafe in Crows Nest on Sydney's lower North Shore.
Now when I opened up my laptop in the cafe, the waiter came past and asked me if I wanted a table with a wireless internet connection - free of charge.
I said sure, and now I'm tapping away in the middle of a cafe Googling my way around the planet.
Let me ask you a question.
If you were going to a cafe, and enjoyed working on your laptop from there.
Which would you prefer? One with a wireless internet connection? Or one without? And if you wanted to work online, or enjoyed the thought of working from a cafe for an hour or two rather than your office...
which cafe would you choose? Is there a way you could apply these strategies to your business? If you're a mechanic: could you offer a free loaner car to anyone who dropped their car off to your garage? Or perhaps offer to pick up their car and drop it back, if it's within a certain radius of your garage? If you're an accountant: could you offer free seminars on tax saving strategies to your customers? Or business building tips? If you're a car yard with a service component: could you offer to wash and service your client's car for a year absolutely free if they buy it from you.
What little thing could you do within your business to make yourself unique? And to give yourself an edge over your competition? Write down some ideas now.
And then think about how you can implement these into your advertising and marketing communications.

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