Age of Conan - Should I Really Buy AoC Gold

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There seems to be something wrong with the fundamental design of some of these online games.
I mean why after only a couple of weeks - have I started to look where I can buy AoC gold? I mean when you think about it - it really doesn't make sense - earning gold is part of the game you pay a subscription for - so when you buy gold for Age of Conan you're effectively trying to avoid a part of the game.
OK so that's a bit of an over simplification but it's not far from the truth.
The problems is that game developers like Funcom need some way to ensnare you into their game so that you keep paying the subscription.
Of course the best way is by continually adding new lands, quest, characters - lots of new content keeps people playing but also takes a lot of resources to develop.
So the stalling tactics come in - money and levels - making gold becomes a very slow process so in order to be able to afford your own mount - you'll need to grind away making gold for weeks.
I'm afraid though many players such as me don't really enjoy repeating the same thing over an over again in a game just to earn some paltry reward.
It's a game it's supposed to be fun - there's loads of fun things to do in Hyboria but scrabbling about after pieces of leather is not one of them That is why I looked at sites with a view to buy AoC gold - I wasn't particularly inspired though - lots of them stressed how safe it was and your account wouldn't get banned.
Of course this immediately made me think it wasn't safe and I might get banned - clearly there was a possibility.
I also know that although many of these gold farmers spend hours on end grinding away to earn gold to sell - (what a strange job) - a minority actively target accounts to hack and gain AoC gold that way.
Incidentally one of the easiest ways these companies can get gold is from their own customers - the people who pay for a power levelling service - the crooks log into the accounts a few weeks later and steal equipment and gold - if you paid for the service you're unlikely to report it either.
So if you have used power levelling services recently - change your passwords! In the end there just seemed too many things wrong with these services - so I decided against the option to buy AoC gold.
What I did do however is buy a couple of gold guides - that is guides to earning gold quickly in Age of Conan.
One of these guides was fantastic and making gold in Hyboria is now no longer a problem - the one guide gives very exact instructions - go to this swamp, take this equipment and do this - you really can't go wrong.

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