Essential Guidelines For Any Marketing Newcomer

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For those who are thinking about joining the internet marketing world for the first time there are some basic guidelines to stick to.
Ultimately the goal of anyone who is starting up in this business will no doubt be to become financially independent and reach a six figure income which is perfectly possible.
But with so many ways to fail in this business because people take the wrong approach at the start it's always useful to listen to people who have already done what you're trying to do.
I'm going to show you the same process I used that was taught to me by Richard Williams who is recognised as one of the top UK earners in internet marketing.
I call this process the "Six Figure Triangle".
This system is made up of three parts that when done correctly and combined together will create massive income revenue.
These are Immediate Income, Residual Income and Affiliate Income.
Immediate Income is often your highest earning income stream and covers your high ticket products.
These should be sales which earn you no less than 1000 each sale and are paid instantly into your bank account.
These will be your own products promoted entirely by yourself which cuts out the middleman when getting paid.
A high ticket product is essential to the success of your business because it generates a lot of cash from only a few sales and gives the best start to your business.
You will really struggle to see any major success early on if your Immediate Income is only making 50 here and 100 there per sale.
You have to have a massive number of sales if you're doing that which is very hard to do in the beginning so ALWAYS find a high ticket product early on.
The second part of the triangle is Residual Income and this is a side effect of your Immediate Income stream.
This is money you make from work you do just once.
Building a team under you is a good example of this.
Each time one of your team members makes a sale or they bring someone else into your team, you will receive a commission for that.
The third part is Affiliate Income.
This is one of the most popular ways that people begin internet marketing but from my experience this should really be a place to aim for and not start from.
If you can add affiliate programs to your already existing business that is well established you will have no trouble making a lot of money.
Newcomers to internet marketing often lack the knowledge of how to properly sell on the internet, and promoting affiliate links is ALL ABOUT knowing how to sell and promote.
When you know how to market on the internet and fully understand how all that works, THEN start using affiliate programs.
It's important to build a system that brings in money from all directions because you will always have times when one slows down.
When this happens you can rely on the others to still earn you good money.
If you pour all your time and effort into only one income stream you're sabotaging your own chances for success.
The more income streams you can generate the more income you will have and this is your key to success but you have to approach them at the right time.
High ticket sales first, residual income second, and affiliate marketing next.
Follow this direction with the right attitude to making your business work and success is a sure thing.

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