Tips For Learning How To Talk Spanish Fast and Quickly

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It's about 3:15 AM.
I am writing this article because I cannot sleep.
That's because I am so excited because I think that I have finally "cracked the code," and have some tips for learning how to talk Spanish fast and quickly.
I am so excited about it that I want to share the formula with you right now.
I don't know about you, but I have had many Spanish instructors tell me to "just take your time and go at your own pace.
" As much as I hate to admit it, I have also been guilty of giving people the same advice.
That kind of advice may be great advice for the person who just enjoys learning Spanish as a hobby with no particular goal in mind.
But this isn't sound advice for the person that really wants to speak conversational Spanish or the person that wants to speak Spanish fluently.
When I look back I realize that my greatest breakthrough in learning how to talk Spanish fast and quickly came when I created a "sense of urgency.
" NOT when I took my time.
When I "created a sense of urgency" and set clear written goals with concrete deadlines about the learning-Spanish materials that I wanted to cover I began to make the most progress.
For example, if I wrote down a goal of completing a certain home study course in 30 or 60 days as opposed to completing it "whenever" I found that I learned Spanish a lot faster.
When I wrote down a goal of meeting with a private instructor twice a week as opposed to "whenever I can make it," I learned Spanish quicker.
Here's another tip...
I also found that it was important that the goals were challenging.
Its doesn't help much to say that I am going to finish a home study course in a year when the course should be completed in 90 days.
But by "creating a sense of urgency" and having a written goal of completing the same course in 8 weeks or 10 weeks, I made progress quicker - a lot quicker.
My experience has also been that if I don't set a deadline, completing a Spanish course or Spanish book never gets done.
And this is probably the biggest tip about setting your learning-Spanish goals...
Your goals must be "action" related as opposed to "results" related.
Here's an example of an "action" related goal.
"I am going to finish the XYZ Spanish course in 90 days.
" Here's an example of a "results" related goal: "I am going to be able to speak Spanish fluently one year from today.
" When I used to set results-related goals of learning how to speak Spanish if I didn't accomplish the goal, I would feel as if it had adversely affected my confidence to speak Spanish and my motivation to learn it.
I guess that's because we have a lot more control over the outcomes of the action-related goals that we set than the results-related goals that we set.
So to sum it all up, here are the tips for learning how to talk Spanish fast and quickly.
You need to: 1.
Create a Sense of Urgency 2.
Set clear written goals with deadlines 3.
Make sure the goals are challenging 4.
Make sure that the goals are "action" goals.
If you create a sense of urgency, and set and accomplish clear, written, challenging, action goals with deadlines, your dreams of speaking Spanish fluently will soon become reality.

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