You Cannot Argue Style When it Comes to Golf - There Are Too Many of Them

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I stood at a suitable distance and watched the morning parade of locals teeing off and I was amazed at the vast differences in the approach to launching that first ball.
It reminded me of that film - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - with an occasional gem from a player that is was a joy to watch.
Every style was in evidence - the practiced Slicer, the committed Hooker, the Worm Burner, the Sky Rocket and the Shanker - they all showed up that day.
Back swings varied from slow and deliberate to faster than the eye can follow and included the long lingering 160 degree sweeping contortionist-like loops, mostly from the ladies.
Don't get me wrong - at various times in my golf experience I have been most of those - except perhaps not the looper - and I have morphed out to become a mixture of all of them I guess.
These golfers all had average handicaps that they can consistently achieve by working within their personal variations of the swing.
I asked the same question of as many of them as would talk to me: "When did you have your last golf lesson with a pro - how many years after you first started playing?" Almost without exception the answer was never or many years ago.
Which leads me to the basic question - why is there such a range of styles the delivery of the club to the ball when we are all playing the same game? Surely there should be much more uniformity in the execution of the fundamental actions required to hit the ball - but obviously not.
The problem is we learn to play golf the hard way.
We start off being coached by a well meaning fellow players who have not been playing long themselves and unfortunately most of the advice is wrong.
We start of as social golfers and build in all the wrong aspects of the game before we take stock of it and realise the handicap will never go down any more until something changes to our own personal style of the game.
That is the time to book a few lessons with your local golf professional - get down to the practice range regularly and work on those exercises he gives you.
Ensure you have clubs that are suited to you stature, age and physical strength.
Utilise the training aids designed to help you to get that inside out swing that you have admired when performed by others.
Discover exactly where on the club you are consistently hitting the ball is it that "sweet spot" because not centering the ball on the club is one of the main reasons for many of the problems I saw on my morning of observations.
Hit the ball on the centre of the club every time and the results will come quickly and your game becomes that much more enjoyable.
Happy golfing

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