Getting the Best Mahjong Games!

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It is easy to play games anywhere these days. Whether it's on your phone while you are waiting somewhere, on a tablet computer like the iPad while TV adverts are rolling or whether it's a little game at work while having a short break from the day's tasks.

Wherever and however you are playing games, we can recommend playing the wonderfully simple puzzle game of Mahjong! It's easy to play free mahjong games online with any web browser on your PC. It's one of the most popular games online, played by millions of players daily and it is even more popular than the old classic, solitaire!

There are a few good websites where you can play free mahjong games online. They all feature a wide range of the different types of games inspired by mahjong and cater exclusively to those people who want a game that can be played in a short period time that is both relaxing and rewarding. The best websites handpick their games and only try to offer the very best versions.

The most popular version is Mahjong Solitaire. A single player game inspired by the original tile created in China. The very first version was released in 1981, but in 1986 it was released for all the popular computer formats of the time. It had massive sales and Activision who are now a massive software company kept on creating ports for new machines. It sold tens of millions of copies. A version of mahjong solitaire has been made for just about every home computer ever created.

The rules are beautifully simple. All you have to do is remove two matching tiles from the layout. However you can only remove the tiles if they are free, with a space either to the left of them or to the right of them. Great care has to be taken to make sure that your moves don't block other moves as you play.

Over the years this classic game has been improved by a multitude of features including undo, shuffle tiles, hundreds of new layouts to play against, improved graphics and new themes and more.

A free mahjong games has a rich history spanning the globe, but in its short life Mahjong Solitaire has become a classic puzzle game enjoyed every day by millions of players around the globe and is available on almost every conceivable device that can play computer games. It's fair to say that very few games will stand the test of time, but it is likely this is one of them.

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