Argent Tournament Guide

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The cold winds of the north blow over the frigid icy glaciers of Icecrown. The sun barely reaches the frozen lands with its rays. The Lich King gathers his power, his Scourge minions planting destruction everywhere. Bloodthirsty Vrykul shout promises to eviscerate adventurers too foolish to enter their lands. Yet, in the northernmost corner of the great glacier, something defies the self-proclaimed true king's threats. The Argent Tournament is a new event, introduced in Patch 3.1. It is located in the north-east corner of Icecrown, just north of Sindragosa's Fall. It involves a number of wow gold for sale quests, many of which focus on mounted combat - players riding vehicles and simulating jousting. The quest rewards are various Seals, which can be used to purchase weapons, tabards, non-combat pets, and even mounts. The Horde's main assistants and guides in the Tournament are the cheapest wow gold Sunreavers, while the Alliance is being guided by the Silver Covenant. Currently the Argent Tournament Grounds look as work under construction. And they are. The Coliseum is far from being complete - in fact, only its skeleton can be seen now. Both the Alliance and the Horde are given no more than a tent and stables. But as time goes by and new patches come, the buy wow gold place will become more and more developed, more quests and rewards will be revealed. To prevent not-so-honorable combat from happening, players in the Argent Tournament Grounds are affected by Armistice, which prevents them from fighting members of the opposite faction, unless during a mounted duel. Joining the ranks of the fighters in the Tournament is very easy. All one needs to do is go the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown, enter the Argent Tent, and talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart. She will direct you to either The Sunreavers if you are member of the Horde, or The Silver Covenant if you belong to the Alliance. She will also send you to the Blasbolt brothers, who are two cheapest wow gold goblins responsible for the building of the Coliseum. From there on, your factions will direct you to the appropriate quests.

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