How To Optimize Meta Tag

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There are many types of META tag. However, the three basic META tag which every website should have are META title, META description and META keywords.

META title refers to the title of the document. It is displayed on top of the browser. It tells visitors about the content of the webpage. If your page does not have META title, it will be difficult for people to tell what is the content on the page. This is because the META title is used to rank your website in the search engine. Whenever someone perform a search, the search engine will scan the websites in its database for site that uses the keyword in the META title. The most relevant site will rank on the top position of the search engine. When creating the META title, make sure you use a keyword suggestion tool to find the keyword matched title to use. Before choosing a keyword, make sure you check the number of visits the keyword is receiving. If the keyword is receiving sufficient traffic, you can use it. If the keyword dont have visits, you should not use it. Using keyword that has low competition and not visits will not help your site at all. If you research properly, you will surely come across keywords that has low competition and provide good traffic. Low competition keywors are keywords that has lesser than 1000 searches. The lesser the competition, the higher the chance you can rank on the search engine. Low competition keywords have multiple words. High competition usually consists of 1 2 words. Examples of high competition keywords are dog or dog training. Examples of low competition keywords are german shepherd dog training.

META description is important because it describes the content of the page. It allows a search engine to rank a webpage based on the keyword in the description. Therefore, it is very important that you include keywords in the description. As the internet becomes more advanced, META description may have lesser and lesser value. However, it will always play a little part in helping the website to rank. You must realize that there are a lot of factors that make a website rank successfully on the internet. If your site did not score well in those factors, it wont rank well in the search engine. The META keywords must not be filled with too many keywords. If you abuse the META keywords, your site will be regarded as spam. You can include a few keywords in the META keywords. The keywords you use should be long tail. In this way, you will be able to easily rank for it on the search engine.

If you dont know how to optimize a website template, you can hire a web designer from the SEO company. The SEO company is able to create a SEO friendly template based on your needs. He will make sure the template is customized with all SEO factors taken in mind including META tag, good link structure, and etc.

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