If You Run, You Need Proper Running Shoes - Period!

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In the past, we armatures used to run with very little thought given to our feet and footwear and what shoes we wore was also somewhat limited in choice.
An inexpensive pair of spikes to provide additional traction was all that was required for rack & field, whereas basic trainers were used for road racing or marathons.
But it's only more recently that we've come to realise the damaging impact that running in inadequate or poor quality shoes can have on our feet and joints in the long term.
Therefore, whether you are a keen amateur or seasoned professional, the type of running shoes you choose is crucial to foot care and the protection of your limbs and ligaments.
For those that do a lot of running and in particular competitive running, will all know of someone, if not themselves, that have suffered muscle fatigue and perhaps even stress fractures, but it's the long term effects that can cause the most problems to those that run for years with inadequate footwear, and I should know! I was one of the fastest middle distance runners in my county for 4 consecutive years in the early 1970's, and to see me walk around today you would think I was a cripple on occasions.
I suffer a lot from a damaged knee which is as a direct result of not taking proper care when I was younger.
I used to be a bare-foot runner, and neither I, nor my instructors knew at the time the devastating impact this was putting on my joints.
The good news is that modern research along with modern technology has provided us with great knowledge and advanced footwear.
This means that we know more on how to take care of ourselves as runners, by selecting the best possible running shoes for our feet.
Help is also at hand in most specialist sports shops as they will probably be in a better position to ascertain what type of running shoes are best suited to your needs.
By inquiring about things such as the duration and location of our runs, they'll be able to piece together the right kind of footwear for your.
They will also need to look at your foot type and your gait ('gait' is the way you walk or run), and once they have a full picture, you should come away with the very best in modern running shoes that willnot only feel and perform just great, but will protect you from long term wear and tear.
For those of you that don't know, you might want to just note the key components of a perfect pair of running shoes so that you'll be in a better position to make an informed decision when you next go shopping for a sporting footwear.
They are the cushioning, the stability and the durability.
Remember, not all hip and trendy sports footwear is multipurpose.
Some shoes are designed specifically for running and general exercise, whereas others are best suited for cardio or weight training purposes.
This is why it's best to do a little research before purchase, and to also shop at a specialist store where the staff are educated on sports footwear.

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