MLM Strategy: Unplugging Your Brain

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Have you been failing in your MLM??? Why?? MLM success is no longer a secret! In the days of Attraction marketing and helping each other to succeed instead of treating other MLMers as competition there is no end to information on how to actually market and be a success.
So what's the big problem?? Well, sorry, but it's probably YOU! See we human's like to complicate things.
We like to hear a training given by someone who has actually become a success and say, "Yeah, but I could do it better if I also added X marketing technique".
Or "Interesting, but first I better tweak my website and make sure it has every single widget and add-in as that top earner over there!" In other words, we hear a simple PROVEN MLM strategy on how to become a success, and we either ignore it, add to it, or try to make it better before we even get started.
So instead of jumping in your own way before you have a chance to be a success, why not try something different for once, why not try actually unplugging your own brain and listening to someone who has actually DONE what it is you want to do.
I'm not saying don't add your own flavour and personality to your business, but simply that it's the distractions and the overthinking that is holding you back!! Ok, now have you successfully switched off your brain?? Let's bring you back to when you first got into Network Marketing.
Now I know you probably started off doing it all wrong and talking to friends and family, and now you know all about attraction marketing, and sales funnels, and social media, and funded proposals.
Oh no, now you're brain's back on!..
ok, unplug..
you're a network marketing virgin.
Now, stay in this unplugged state, and let's look at WHAT MATTERS in MLM: Getting People to a Company Presentation Following Up Closing! That's it! Every good MLM strategy should only be based on these three steps! The rest only comes in to make this process work a little more smoothly for you, but what tends to happen is all the other stuff just slows people down as they try and get every system in place and every marketing technique going all at the same time.
The complicated stuff can be layered in LATER after you have built some momentum in your business and your team.
Alright, so how do you do each of these things, without your brain getting in the way! 1.
Get People to a Company Presentation: - It's usually this step that bogs people down more than anything else.
But it is vital that you focus on the goal of getting people to a presentation, this is what gets you PAID! But the important thing in this step is consistent action.
It's all about CONSISTENCY not CLEVERNESS! - Find out what presentation is being used by the people in your company who are actually CONVERTING and drive people to it! It can be as simple as having a link to a presentation that is attached to your company username, and then putting it where people can find it! (Not spamming the link everywhere) - This can be INCREDIBLY simple, my team uses Facebook to let people easily watch the best converting presentation in our company..
and I didn't have to do anything but add my name to the link! See..
it can be simple! 2.
Follow Up: - Again, turn off that brain! Don't hound people and beg them to join the company.
The ones who want to join will typically decide that straight away and those that don't probably will stop picking up when you call for the 400th time.
Now imagine you have 100 people a day watching your Awesome company presentation, do you really think you can call them all?? -Keep it simple by using autoresponders! Keep reminding people of the power of the presentation they saw, without you having to keep track of a million leads.
Now I know what you're thinking: STOP!!! No, don't write autoresponders yourself! Again, make sure you're leveraging yourself by using a follow up system written by someone who actually KNOWS how to follow up.
My team's follow up system is completely integrated with our presentation so it's AUTOMATIC.
-Make sure there are MULTIPLE ways for the people to get in touch with you, or let you know they are interested in getting a call to learn more.
Then you simply call back those who want to talk to you...
leading you to the..
Close! -I know...
that dirty, dirty word! But it's actually the most important component of any good MLM strategy! -Closing is simple WHEN YOU KEEP IT SIMPLE! All you need to do is ask! Don't stress about possible objections before they come up, don't worry about what the person is thinking or how to convince them.
If you have to convince people to join they won't be sold on their decision and they probably wont put in the work it takes to succeed in this business.
-So what's the world's simplest close: "So, Jim, you saw the presentation tell me what you liked about it??..
Great, so sounds like you are ready to get signed up??" You will be SHOCKED at how many people say yes and let you walk them through the sign up there and then! Whenever you get overwhelmed just stop and ask yourself this: Is your brain getting in the way????? Do you need to unplug?? Unplug FAST by repeating to yourself: "Present, Follow Up, Close..
Present, Follow Up, Close!" If what you're doing is not contributing to these three steps, STOP, unplug, and get back to basics.
You can't lose!

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