Luxury on the Sea

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If you think about luxury yachts one brand name might usually jump to mind and that company is Perini Navi, masterbuilders of several wonderful ships. Without the founder and his aspirations the corporation may not have got where it has today. The company is still the solitary one that is able to design, engineer and build their own luxury craft. Though distinguished for single handed vessels of the finest, the brand name started introducing motor yachts in 2006.

It was recognition to the innovation of the founder and the automated sail that yachts have come so far in the latest technology. It was his visions for the brand name and luxury yachts that allowed the company to overcome the restrictions of sailing yachts. This of course was the actuality that craft needed a large crew of specialists to sail them. With the presentation of automatic sailing systems, just a single person could take to the seas and handle the luxury craft. Perini re-defined so much more than technological advancements, he additionally shaped new concepts offering more space onboard with thanks to the superb designs. High tec has always been at the front of the brand name and this is what has placed them at a distance from other companies in the luxury yacht production.

In 2007 Perini Navi and one of the very best designers of luxury sailing vessels,Philippe Briand joined forces on a job. This superb union has witnessed a entirely brand new series of luxury yachts combined with a venture explicitly aimed at a unique series of motor yachts. Picchiotti from Italy who belongs to the luxury brand name released a luxury fleet of yachts.

The creations are all focused on what matters on the whole in luxury, attractive quality, harmony and sophistication. The yachts have shown wonderful seaworthiness, optimized by way of vertical center of gravity. This is important in ensuring the lessening of the pitching and rolling of the vessel. The luxury yachts are completely aerodynamic to ensure the very best efficiency when in the water cruising.

The variety comprises of the Picchiotti Vitruvius Explorer 50 m with its hull made of aluminum is capable of sea cruising long range at a velocity of 12 to 14 knots. With two decks, the higher deck houses the bridge and sky lounge and appears to float. The Picchiotti Vitruvius Explorer 55 m, is a luxury craft with a toughened steel hull and is amid the ice class, being capable of venturing into areas of the excessive. One of the very best in luxury craft in the series is the Picchiotti Vitruvius Explorer 73 m. A luxury yacht of over 73 m with a high speed of 16.5 kn. With 5 spacious bridges capable of housing 22 and crew there is plenty of freedom, luxury and comfort. The first of these luxury yachts will be launched in 2013.


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