Extreme Weather Drains Car Batteries

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Summertime is hell on car and motorcycle batteries.
Especially if you live in hot and dry climates the American southwest and Texas.
When summer temperatures reach 100 degrees and more the combination of the heat in the air and evaporation can quickly drain the life out of automotive batteries.
Add that to the fact that the average car battery only lasts between one and two years and it's to guess that you'll probably have to replace the battery in your car, truck, or motorcycle at least one June or July every handful of years.
Before you head off on that summer road trip it's a good idea to have your battery checked at your auto parts or local battery store to make sure everything is running fine.
A simple battery charge test will show you just how much power your battery has and whether or not it's able to continually hold a charge.
If the power is low or not charging consistently it's probably time to replace that battery with a new one.
After all, the last thing you want is to be stranded at a rest stop because your car won't start, waiting for roadside assistance to arrive from hours away.
In other words, a dead battery can really put a damper in that family friendly road trip.
But surviving the summer's heat and 2,000 mile trip to some enchanted theme park doesn't necessarily mean your batter is in the clear.
Winter can be just as harsh on batteries, especially in bone chilling temperatures, snow, and ice.
Batteries often give out under harsh winter conditions and if you think that sitting in the summer heat without the comfort of air conditioning while you wait for help to arrive is bad, just imagine sitting in subzero temperatures with no heat or relief from the impending frost bite.
Winter driving is dangerous enough; the last thing you want to risk is a dead battery.
But some people avoid replacing worn batteries even after the first signs of failure.
They rely on jump starts and recharges to get by temporarily because they mistakenly believe replacing that old damaged battery is going to be too costly.
Fortunately discount batteries can found online for just about every make and model of car or motorcycle.
You can even find discount lawn mower and marine batteries for a fraction of the cost at the major automotive store making finding your discount batteries online a good way to help keep your car running smoothly and keep a little extra green in your pocket.

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