What is the Fastest Way to Learn French?

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Looking for the fastest way to learn French? Is it possible to learn French in a few months? Can anyone do it? How can you do it? This article will answer these questions.
Firstly, it's difficult to learn French fluently in a few months.
But it's possible.
How can you do it? There's only one answer.
Total immersion.
The best idea to immerse yourself in French is to travel to a French speaking country and talk only in French.
However, not everyone can do it.
Don't worry, there are many ways to immerse yourself at home! I'm going to show you three methods in a while.
If you can travel, there are five things to remember: 1.
Forget about your native language (speak only in French even if you know only its basics!) 2.
Imitate native speakers (copy their accent, expressions and so on) 3.
Don't be scared of speaking (you can't learn if you don't speak!) 4.
Find friends (use Couchsurfing or Facebook or Meetup) 5.
Practice at every opportunity (the more you practice, the better your French will be) Here are three methods which I mentioned before.
If you want to immerse yourself at home you can: 1.
Find a language partner
It's way easier to learn a new language if you have someone to practice with.
And he or she doesn't need to be a native French speaker.
Even if he or she is a beginner, you can still practice with him/her - it's a win-win - you practice, he/she practices.
Watch French movies or listen to French music
Find an interesting French movie with subtitles and watch it even if you don't understand a lot of words.
You'll have to force yourself to guess the meaning from the context.
Watching movies improves your vocabulary as well as listening and speaking skills.
You can also listen to French music while reading lyrics.
Find a pen pal or participate in online communities
Having a pen pal, or at least participating in online communities, is a must.
You can find a pen pal on Livemocha, Polyglot Learn Language or Lang-8.
It's very easy to find an interesting person who will teach you French if you teach this person your native language.
Even though total immersion is one of the fastest ways to learn French, it won't happen overnight.
Learning languages requires a lot of regular practice.
If you keep working, you'll eventually learn French.
The faster you want to learn French, the more you should practice.
Good luck and stay motivated!

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