What Are the Advantages of Having a Plain Old Office Telephone Service?

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Multiple Uses

POTS has become the basis for other services that are beneficial to business. For example, individuals with POTS can order broadband service to make their computer systems run faster, which is connected by the service provider through the phone line. With broadband service added, the user can use the phone and the Internet at the same time.


Plain old telephone service in the office ensures that there is consistency in service for business. What this means is that while cellular phones and voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) may be popular, weather conditions, cell tower location issues, power interruptions and even satellite positioning may interfere with these types of telephone communications. POTS, or landlines, however, provide a far more stable connection, because the user doesn't need commercial power to operate the basic service.


When emergencies occur during business hours and 911 calls must be made, using POTS will ensure that the 911 operator can pinpoint your location and send emergency assistance. With many types of VoIP services, this instant locating is not always available, depending on the service provider. On cellular phones GPS tracking is available, though phones without GPS tracking must be located through cell tower triangulation, which takes time. Therefore, if you're unable to identify your location to the 911 operator, you may not receive assistance as quickly.

Ease of Operation

POTS equipment is generally easy to operate. The calling features of this service are widely known, so training employees to operate the service at your business location is relatively simple. VoIP and cell services, on the other hand, may require special instruction and additional training, depending on the system. Moreover, POTS equipment is easy to connect, with only the phone line from the wall connecting to the telephone unit required to begin using the equipment.

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