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My twenty-five year reunion came up a few weeks ago and I found myself back in Austin, Texas. The place had changed a great deal since I had been here last. My wife wanted to spend some time in Austin and wanted to see what kind of antiques she could find. I told her to go to [http://www.grayboxx] and they would be able to help her out.

She went to the site and clicked on Austin under the list of cities in the city directory. She clicked on shopping and shopping services and finally on specialty stores to get the listing of antique stores in Austin. It was very easy and quick for her. Later that day we went shopping and on the way back, she decided she wanted to eat somewhere different.

We had the laptop with us, and she once again went to the grayboxx site and chose food and dining [] under Austin. She loves Brazilian food, although we usually can't find any place that has it. Grayboxx had a couple of listing for Brazilian food and we found the one closest to us. It was great. We returned to our hotel. My wife wanted to see a historical site while we were in town and once again, she went to the grayboxx website.

She chose Austin under the city directory, and then chose travel and tourism []. Under this category, she found a wildflower center named for Lady Bird Johnson. It gave her all the information we needed, address and telephone and even revealed that it had the original Ripley's Museum. We spent the day there and had a great time.

When we returned home, she told all her friends about the trip and this great website. The told them she felt like she had a personal neighbor with her no matter where she went that told her about great places to visit. Now she uses the site for everything she can think of.

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