Mobile Marketing Integrates Traditional And Social Media

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Text marketing offers numerous unparalleled opportunities for marketers, in particular the ability to bridge traditional and social media. A simple and well designed mobile marketing campaign can offer a supplementary form of advertising which connects different campaigns.

Integrating the two occurs by adding an SMS marketing keyword to any traditional form of advertising. It could be a billboard, television, radio or even a magazine. The possibilities are huge. The mobile marketing portion then transitions consumers initially interested through these traditional forms of advertising and refer them to social and digital forms like Facebook, email or websites.

Integrating traditional and social media ensures that advertisers are connecting with potential consumers across multiple different platforms, sustaining interaction with consumers. As well as the sustained interaction with consumers, multiple calls to action are offered, increasing the chance of turning a potential consumer into an active client.

Womans Day added an SMS marketing portion to one of the May issues of their popular weekly. An article promoting a celebrity jeweler from Germany concluded by offering all readers the chance to win an original piece of her work. Readers could enter by texting the unique keyword at the end of the article, from which they received a response offering them three different calls to action email, Facebook and her website. The interaction was ensured from the readers, by announcing the winners only on these digital mediums. The campaign was a success, successfully transitioning readers from the traditional magazine advertising, to digital consumers on Facebook and the website.

A similar technique was utilized by Mike Pero who also sought to transition viewers from the New Zealand V8 utes show to digital consumers on their interactive website and Facebook. They achieved this by offering viewers the chance to win a hotlap in one of the featured cars from the show. All that was required was to text the keyword ute to the number provided onscreen. 500 responses were generated within two minutes, with an additional 300 in the five minutes which followed. Entrants received a reply informing them that the winner would be announced on their Facebook page and website, both of which received a marked increase in traffic following the text, showing the successful transition made through a simple mobile marketing campaign.

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