Advantages of jQuery Over JavaScript

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Both JavaScript and jQuery are client side scripting libraries used for tasks such as validation, building visually appealing elements like fancy navigation menus etc.
Since the purpose of both the technologies (jQuery and JavaScript) is the same, the choice of using a particular technology lies with the programmer.
In recent years, jQuery is quickly gaining popularity over JavaScript (JavaScript has been around for many more years than JQuery).
Let us discuss the possible advantages that jQuery has over JavaScript.
jQuery is well compiled and well organized jQuery has a strong community that does a good job in verifying and listing modules on the official portal.
Let us consider for example that a programmer wishes to use 'Date Picker'(Date Picker element is used to select a date from a pop up calendar.
Once selected, the date value will be populated in an adjoining text box.
This saves the typing time for end users).
If the programmer has chosen JQuery, he will quickly download the plugin from the official website.
On the other hand, if the same programmer has chosen JavaScript, he will be searching on Google for open source JavaScript codes for 'Date Picker' element.
There would be tens or hundreds of results from which he has to choose one.
Most Probably, the code he would be using would not have been verified.
Hence it becomes clear that jQuery is certainly well organized and well compiled.
Consistent solutions are possible with jQuery which may not be possible with JavaScript most of the times.
jQuery requires least testing effort Before being made available to programmers, jQuery components are tested on all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.
Hence the programmers need not test a component on all browsers.
Programmers enjoy the leisure of testing on any one of the browsers.
However with JavaScript, there is no guarantee that the component will look and behave the same way in all browsers.
Hence the programmers using JavaScript need to perform extensive testing on all browsers.
The testing could be a tedious effort when the number of JavaScript components used is high.
jQuery requires less debugging effort jQuery functions are modular and very much readable.
They are more concise than JavaScript.
Being modular and concise makes the debugging of jQuery code a whole lot easier than that of JavaScript.
jQuery is updated constantly jQuery libraries are updated constantly.
Whenever web technologies and browsers evolve, there always had been compatibility issues with JavaScript libraries.
But this is not the case with JQuery.
jQuery libraries are updated constantly to adapt to new changes in web technologies that interact with client side scripts.

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