How do I Time a 350 Engine?

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    Timing Light

    • The proper way to check and set the timing is with a timing light. You hook the electrical leads to the vehicle's battery to power the light, and the remaining lead connects with the spark plug on the left front cylinder of the motor. The light flashes and shows the timing on an index and mark on the crankshaft pulley at the front of the engine.

    Quick and Easy

    • If you don't have a timing light and you suspect the timing could be maladjusted, you can loosen the distributor and rotate it a few degrees one way or the other. Stop when you get it in the position where the engine seems and sounds to be running smoothest. If the motor continues to run well, you can use it as is, but for optimum performance, have it checked with a timing light.

    Proper Setting

    • The exact setting for your engine will vary depending on the model year, the vehicle it's used in and what sort of modifications have been made to the stock engine. Most 350s are timed properly when the timing is set one to three degrees before top dead center.


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