Surefire Ways To Increase Sales

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No, this is not an article that will give you magic ways to increase your sales. This article will not tell you that you dont need marketing and advertising to introduce customers to your product. Nor will it suggest that you dont need a sales force. However, your sales force, and everyone else in your company who deals with your customers, will sell more products if you just make it easier for customers to buy.

Once someone has decided to buy your product or your service, what do they have to do to complete the transaction? Think about the last time you went to, for instance, the hardware store to buy a new door knob. You knew what you wanted, or at least what store carried several good kinds.

You went there, read the advertising on the packaging, selected the product and went to pay for it so you could go home and finish the project. Instead you found yourself waiting in a line that never moved. There were ten registers, but cashiers were only working three of them. Did you get tired of waiting and got to a different store?

Did you at least consider it?
Smart retailers use staff from other functions as overflow cashiers. That way they can keep down the cost of cashiers standing around with no one to wait on, while at the same time reducing the length of a customers wait in line.

It is a sound idea, but the overflow cashiers have to be alert, and they have to recognize the value of providing that customer service. Restocking the shelves, finishing the paperwork, counting the number of widgets on aisle 3, etc., can wait take care of the customer make it easier for the customer to buy.

Surely, youve experienced making a purchase that took forever to be processed. For certain reasons, some businesses require a tedious process of purchasing, most specially if its for products that are really hard to take in stock.

Take a close look at how you operate your business and the customer service. From the moment a customer decides to buy your product or service, until they have the product in hand, what do you make them do? Can you cut out any of your companys purchasing steps or speed them up? Can you make technology do things for them?

Think outside the lines. Do not do things just because thats how its done. Do not do things because its easy for your staff or because you like doing it that way. Look at it from the customers perspective and make it easier for customers to buy. When you smoothen out your customer service, you will increase your sales guaranteed.

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