How to Hook Up PS3 to GameBridge

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    • 1). Connect the composite video cables that came with your PlayStation 3 into the "MULTI AV" input on the back of the console.

    • 2). Plug the composite cables that are connected to your PlayStation 3 into the "4-in-1 Audio Video Adapter cable" that comes packaged in with the GameBridge. Match up the colors on the cables with the colors on the adapter to make sure everything is getting plugged into the correct place.

    • 3). Connect the other end of the "4-in-1 Audio Video Adapter cable" into the side of the GameBridge device.

    • 4). Plug the GameBridge device's USB cable into a USB port on your computer. The PlayStation 3 is connected to the GameBridge, and the GameBridge itself is connected to your PC.


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