Poor Ways for Students to Make Money - Beware of These 3 False Opportunities to Make Money in School

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When I was in college I wanted to know ways for students to make money online and I just couldn't find any.
Now there are lots of ways for students to make money online but not all of them are legal or work.
Most of the time they are pretty easy to point out but here are a few that are illegal or simply not allowed by your college.
Each of these ways for students to make money online are either completely fake, are illegal, or both! These kinds of scams get thousands of people every year trying to find a way to fill their time and earn money doing it.
If you want to know real ways for students to make money online I have provided a link at the bottom that can get you more information.
Scam #1: Envelope Stuffing - Although smart people like yourself don't fall for this, many people every year do and a portion of them are students.
Envelope stuffing is one of the ways for students to make money online advertised all over the web.
But it is a scam for many reasons.
First you typically have to purchase addresses to send the stuffed envelopes to.
Second, who would pay you to stuff envelopes when there are machines out there that can do it faster and better.
It is just impractical for anyone to make any money on this.
This is simply a way for spam mailers to get paid and have someone send out their spam for them.
They don't even provide stamps! Scam #2: Package Handling - Now this is a new one I found out about not to long ago and thought it was one of the ways for students to make money until I found out exactly what it was.
The scam is to have packages delivered to your house, apartment or school and then you forward it to the next destination.
The packages originate outside the US and you get paid just to forward them on.
What they don't tell you is these packages can contain drugs, stolen goods, or artifacts.
One man had the FBI show up at his house for doing this "easy" job.
Scam #3: Transcription Work - Now this one isn't really a scam but is so misrepresented that it seems like a scam, but being one of the ways for students to make money that doesn't work, I felt I should include it.
The premise is you get an instruction guide on how to do transcription work, many times medical transcription work.
The problem is the guide is just simply a step by step on how to get certified and where you can find jobs.
It is not a job, it doesn't help you do the work, and many times is out dated so it's completely unhelpful.
Don't fall for this one either.
There are many ways for students to make money while going to school but these methods are complete scams.
None of them work and if you want real ways for students to make money, check out the student center or the career center.
There are other ways for students to make money online as well.

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