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Adding pictures to listings is a great way to draw in potential buyers, grab their attention, and increase sales. First, by using great gallery images that demand attention and help the listing stand out from other listings. Pictures will do much of the selling when a potential buyer is reviewing the product description and making a buying decision. As always, look through the buyers eyes, realize how important it is to include the right number of pictures in any listing. One may be enough for many products but for others, one is considered inadequate.

When it comes to including pictures in listings, realize that eBay gives the first picture for free and each additional picture is anywhere from ten cents to fifteen cents depending on if there is a sale or not. EBay also offers a picture pack option for seventy five cents or one dollar for seven to twelve pictures. To circumvent these costs, host pictures on another site. This is perfectly acceptable to eBay and in the best interest of eBay users, as it will save money.
There is also a self hosting tab. By clicking on the tab the option is given of entering the web address where a picture is being hosted on a different site like an image hosting service. Using this option allows a number of pictures to be included for free. Instead of worrying about the cost of including a few pictures in a listing, use one of the following services and confidently post as many pictures as necessary. The most important thing to consider with an image hosting site is its uptime. Many sites will have a tendency to go down or offline once in a while.
The following sites have an uptime of about ninety-nine percent; it is very rare to ever have a problem with these sites going down. Photobucket.com happens to be the most popular image hosting site in the United States. Photobucket is used by many sellers and could be exactly what is needed. It is completely free. Tinypic.com is also a very reliable site and is completely free of charge. Another great option, which is very popular with eBay sellers, is auctiva.com. This is an auction management service which includes hosting at absolutely no charge; this site is dedicated to eBay sellers.

When it comes to hosting, there are a variety of paid services as well. Incfrog.com is also an auction management service which includes an image hosting package. There is an image hosting package with over a gigabyte of space, room for about 12,000 images available for only $6.95 a month. Vendio.com is also an auction management service which charges a monthly fee. It is one of the most popular paid auction management services available to eBay sellers. They do offer hosting as one of their services which is available for less than $10.00 a month and as low as $2.95 a month, depending on how many pictures there are.

If an online seller already has a hosting account at a site like Go Daddy.com, host gator, or at any one of the hundreds of web-hosting sites out there he/she can post eBay images there and link them into listings.

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