How to Choose the Right Words for Your Ads

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Imagine for a moment that you're an HR director for a company in need of a new and energetic salesperson.
It's your responsibility to hire that person.
So you interview several people for the position.
Of all the candidates you interview only one has what it takes for the position.
The majority are simply lifeless and sluggish.
The candidate who gets your attention is the only one of the bunch who's energetic and enthusiastic.
This candidate is a perfect match for your company! So now you have a decision to make.
Who are you going to hire?
  • The candidate who proved to be energetic and enthusiastic?
  • Someone you liked, but seemed to be questionable?
  • Someone who proved to be passive and sluggish?
It's really a no brainer isn't it? You hire the ambitious candidate who impressed you, the one who's energetic and enthusiastic.
Yes, you hire the one who got your attention.
In a similar way that's what you need to do with words for your ads.
Don't employ words that are sluggish and passive.
Rather, choose power words that grab the attention of those reading the ad.
Choosing Power Words for Maximum Impact Before writing your ad give careful thought to your product or service.
What words would best describe it? What words would pique curiosity? How might you stimulate positive emotions and pleasant thoughts? Is your product amazing? Is it proven? Is it unique? Choose words that attract prospects.
When you do they'll keep reading your ad.
Note the following twenty adjectives: Amazing, Easy, Explosive, Fascinating, Free, Guaranteed, Hidden, Incredible, New, Proven, Revealing, Secret, Sensational, Stunning, Surefire, Tested, Unique, Urgent, Ultimate, and Vital.
There are many more but this is a good list to get you thinking about the possibilities.
Adjectives like those grab the attention of a person seeing your ad.
Note the following ten nouns: Breakthrough, Cash, Discovery, Expert, Formula, Miracle, Money, Profits, Wealth, You.
Once again, there are more but this list will get you started.
Those nouns attract attention.
Note some adverbs: Easily, Instantly, Quickly, and Suddenly.
Those adverbs move prospects to take quick action, and to feel that they can do it with ease.
When you think about those adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, you can quickly see that they have power.
They grab your attention and hold it.
They're also deeply ingrained in the minds of those who'll be reading your ads.
They're words that can stimulate positive emotions, words that can project your prospects from here to the future.
When you use words like those in your ads, people will take notice.
Here are some sample headlines using the preceding power words:
  • Explode Your Web Traffic Instantly with Expert Techniques
  • Discover the Inside Secrets of Highly Successful Affiliate Marketers
  • How to Easily Explode Your Profits to Unparalleled Heights
Fashion your headlines and ads like the above bulleted examples and you're sure to get the attention of those who see them.
Avoid Words That Repel There are words that attract, and then there are words that repel.
If you use the wrong words in your ads, you'll stimulate negative, rather than positive emotions.
When that's the case your prospects will quickly turn away from ads that you worked hard to create.
Since that's the case you need to know what adjectives, nouns, and verbs to avoid.
So let's explore the words to avoid.
Ten adjectives to avoid: Bad, Complicated, Difficult, Helpless, Hopeless, Lonely, Needless, Scarce, Ugly, and Wrong.
There are more but you get a good idea of what not to use.
Now take a look at some nouns to avoid.
Ten nouns to avoid: Contract, Cost, Deal, Decision, Disgust, Liability, Loss, Misery, Obligation, Worry.
Verbs to avoid: Buy, Fail, Reject, and Sell Now that you see what words to avoid, take a look at contrasting ads for the same product.
  • Negative: Worried about Affiliate Income? Buy This EBook!
  • Positive: Discover Proven Tactics to Boost Your Affiliate Income
Can you see the difference between the negative and positive? Which ad attracts you? Both ads feature the same product.
Which ad would you be more apt to look into? Likely, you're attracted to the positive ad.
That's the way you need to create your ads.
When you do, people will take the desired action.
Using the Right Words Equals Sales When you choose the right words for your ads, prospects will read them and take action.
That equals potential income for your online business.
Use words that are powerful and have maximum impact.
At the same time avoid words that repel, thus leading prospects to quickly leave your ad.
When you choose the right words for your ads, prospects will become customers.
When that happens again and again, your bank account will grow.

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