How To Make Money Indirectly From A Website

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Although plenty of people are aware of how to make money with a blog or website, there are many largely unknown strategies that people can use to make money indirectly from their sites.
Instead of selling ad space, including affiliate links or selling any products through a site, a blogger or webmaster can make money in other indirect ways.
These methods can be a little less obvious and sometimes much more effective.
Consulting One of the best ways to make money from owning a successful website is through consulting.
With this approach, the webmaster includes contact information on this site and receives solicitations from interested parties.
Other businesses will recognize a successful online business and be willing to pay a consulting fee to get some advice.
With this strategy, the business owner simply offers guidance to the client for a fee.
This can be a very lucrative field to get into for those who are already successful with their own businesses.
Public Speaking Another way for website owners to make money indirectly from owning a site is to get involved in public speaking engagements.
Working as a public speaker can be an extremely lucrative career when businesses and seminars are willing to pay to hear the business owner speak.
In order to get involved in the public speaking arena, an individual must have some kind of reputation or history of success.
This is why some successful website owners can get speaking engagements because other people want to learn how they did it.
If the website owner can get over that fear of public speaking, this can be a very rewarding gig.
Writing Books Once a website owner has been established, he may be given the opportunity to author a book.
Book publishers are always looking for people who have a decent following and would like to take advantage of that.
When a website owner has a number of subscribers, they already have a built-in list to market to.
The book publisher may give the website owner an advance to write a book and then a percentage of each book that is sold in the future.
Paid Writing Jobs In many cases, successful website owners are approached by other publications about writing guest articles or posts.
Sometimes, these jobs can pay very well for a one-time writing job.
If the owner's website is very popular, other sites would like to have something written by the site owner because it will provide some notoriety for their own sites.
It may also get some of the regular visitors from the popular site over to the other site.
For popular website owners, there are plenty of a writing jobs that could be taken on.
Landing a Job Sometimes, popular website owners can land "real" jobs by leveraging the power of their sites.
Many companies want to hire people who are already proven to be successful in their fields.
This can sometimes lead to direct job offers by these companies when they need someone good.

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