Accutire Digital Tire Gauge Review

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The Accutire digital tire gauge is one of the best selling digital gauges on the market today.
Feature packed, light weight, and small enough to fit in the pocket.
Range This gauge can take measurements from 5-99 psi with 0.
5 psi increments.
While this range might be a bit low as compared to more professional models, it is more than what any average car owner would require.
Hardware The LCD screen is quite large in size and is backlit, which makes for easy reading even in the dark.
It is shaped ergonomically and is very easy to grip.
The Accutire digital tire gauge weighs just 4.
3 oz and measures 6x1x1 inches.
Besides, it also includes an LED light that can be activated at the switch of a button.
Perfect for dim light conditions, as can be case when working underneath cars.
Features The Accutire digital tire gauge is fully programmable.
This means that it can be pre-loaded with settings recommended by your car manufacturer.
This can help you save a lot of time and effort.
Warranty Each device comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty In terms of features, the Accutire digital tire gauge provides plenty for the average car owner.
While the psi measurement range could be a bit more so as to compete with more professional models, you'll hardly exceed this range in normal day-to-day driving.
It is small in size and very lightweight and can be tossed easily into the glove compartment.
The large, backlit LCD screen can be a blessing in the dark or in bad weather conditions.
Last, but not the least, a 5 year manufacturer's warranty gives you a large safety net should the device malfunction.
Another little feature of the Accutire digital tire gauge is that it doesn't have to be pushed on or off.
The reading is displayed automatically when you push it into the tire valve.
Moreover, the device notifies you when a correct reading has been taken by beeping automatically, which makes working with cars just a tad bit easier.
To conclude, the Accutire is a highly accurate, high quality digital tire gauge and would be a perfect fit in any car owner's tool box.

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