Never Allow a Customer to Wait to Pay for Their Purchases

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Waiting in line can mean frustration for your customers and loss of sales for you.
The longer the customer waits, the more time he or she has to count the number of items, calculating the total cost mentally.
They may have a few impulse items in the basket that are cute, but while waiting lose a bit of the appeal.
It doesn't take much to return an item to the shelves, particularly if there are several people in front of you and each one has a full cart.
Before you know it, your customers waiting for service will return anywhere from $10 to $100 in items, lowering your profitability and creating potential sales lost forever.
Even though you may cringe when you consider customers reducing their order dramatically, it's not nearly as bad as those who simply won't wait to checkout.
Sometimes these customers may have just one or two items, which is a small loss of business, but still a loss.
However, there are those who simply walk away from a full cart because of the wait.
They may have an unruly child that is too difficult to tame while waiting in line or need to use facilities.
They may simply hate waiting and decide to return when there's less business or go elsewhere for their product.
The walkers are not just a loss of business, but also a loss of man-hours required to restock the shelves with the items which are not purchased.
While the holiday season may bring a rush to the counter, you can prevent waiting by hiring extra help.
If you have an extra person stocking shelves, when a cash register rush occurs, you simply switch them to bagging items.
Create a system for checkout that makes it easier.
If everything in the store is a dollar, your bagger can put a specific number of items in each bag, alerting the clerk on the register to the amount.
They can divide the items into piles according to cost if not everything is priced $1.
00, saving valuable time by allowing the clerk on the register to simply count the number of items of each amount.
No matter what system you develop to create a swifter checkout, make certain you have extra help during holiday times.
You'll lose many customers and some potential return customers if the line at the checkout doesn't move swiftly.
You'll also give those impulse shoppers time to assess their purchases and return many of the items in their basket to the shelves.

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